Welcome to Southern City!
Yo! Phil's back! And in color! Check it out! Here's Phil2!!


•City Hall

•Amusement Park

•Visitor's Center


•Post Office

     •Art Museum




Visitor's Center

Welcome the Visitor's Center of Southern City. Hopefully this area will answer a lot of your questions about this site. If you still have questions you can contact us here.

He must've not known where the restroom was!
F.A.Q.-Like every other site on the net, we have our Frequently Asked Questions sections. If this is your first time at Southern City, it would be wise to read this area before you continue with your exploration!

Guestbook-If you haven't done so already, please sign our guestbook. You'll enjoy it's um... creative... with fun... questions... ;)

Why We Exist-Ever wonder why we're here in the first place? This little section quickly explains why Tially and Arialyn suddenly decided to create Southern City!