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Post Office

If you would like to get in touch with the Southern City Staff for comments, submissions, etc. please read this:

To make it easier for us:

-If you have any submissions for any section of this site (as many sections do take submissions), list the section's name as your e-mail title. If you do not title your e-mail accordingly it most likely will not be read, as it makes things very difficult for us.

-F.A.Q. should also be treated as above.

-Do not send submissions for two sections in one e-mail, it makes things hard to sort.

-Any fanfictions or editorials should be sent as an attachment in notebook (no Microsoft word!) with the paragraphs separated by spaces (be sure to clarify which section it's for and watch grammar!). Tell us in the e-mail what you are sending, as we are keenly alert for virus possibilities and will not open anything we are unsure of.
If you don't follow these directions.... WHACK!!
-All Art Museum submissions (fanart, fanmanga, cookbook) need to be sent as an attachment (title the e-mail according to the section you want it to be added to), and again, tell us what you are sending as explained above. Please refrain from sending us really large images, try to resize them down! We have gotten several warnings from hotmail about having to much on our account, and smaller images are more accessable overall.

-If you wish to e-mail us some comments, feel free, just title the e-mail appropriately. However, if the message contains any vulgar meaning to it, don't expect it to have any lasting emotional impact on us, as it will be deleted on sight, so don't bother. We will graciously accept any criticism or advice. We love to hear from our visitors and encourage it!

-We like to credit all fan submissions to the fans that sent them. Therefore, we will provide an e-mail link using the submitter's name. We ask that if there is a specific online name you go by, that you tell us in your submission, otherwise we just use your e-mail name. We will not post full names even if you tell us to. If, for any reason, you do not want your e-mail to appear with your submission, notify us of that fact please, and, as we respect all fans, we will not post your e-mail address. If you already have submitted something to us and your e-mail address is posted, you may also ask us to take it off if you change your mind. We understand and respect that decision, as long as you ask politely!

Thank you for taking time to read the above. Now, feel free to e-mail us!