Welcome to Southern City!
Yo! Phil's back! And in color! Check it out! Here's Phil2!!


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Art Museum

Welcome to the Southern City Art Museum. Currently, we are featuring three galleries, FanArt, DBZ Cookbook (food is art!), and Fanmanga. Make sure all submissions for this area are sent as attachments! Enjoy!

Durrr... FanArt-A collection of DBZ images drawn by fans. *NOTE these images are not in anyway part of the official DB, DBZ, or DBGT series*

DBZ Cookbook-Aside from being a necessity, food is an art. Here we focus of the edible creations resembling things in DBZ. Bon Appetite!     We'd especially appreciate some submissions for this section!  C'mon guys!

Fanmanga-What's "Fanmanga"? It's manga drawn by the fans! Here we have a small collection of fanmanga from the Dragonball/Z/GT series.