Welcome to Southern City!
Yo! Phil's back! And in color! Check it out! Here's Phil2!!


•City Hall

•Amusement Park

•Visitor's Center


•Post Office

     •Art Museum




S.C. Airport

Well, you're finally packing your bags and leaving, huh? We hope you enjoyed your stay at Southern City, and, since we'd hate to see you go off to a less-than-quality DBZ site, allow us to make a few suggestions for your next travel destination.

The following sites have been Albert™ approved:

We're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of-- hey, what is that thing, anyway? •Anime Web Turnpike
•DBZ Dominion
•DBZ Moms
•DBZ Stadium
•DBZ Warriors
•Dragonball Canada
•Goku Central
•Isle of Imagination
•Michi no Chikara
•Neko Saiyajin Yume
Nintendo Zone *
•Planet Z
•Saiyan Brat's Liar
•Saiyan Legacy X
•Saiyan Ultimate
•Saiyanz Power
•SSJ4 Kain's Homepage
•Vegeta's Family and Ours

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*- New!