Welcome to Southern City!
Yo! Phil's back! And in color! Check it out! Here's Phil2!!


•City Hall

•Amusement Park

•Visitor's Center


•Post Office

     •Art Museum




Welcome to the smallest section of Southern City! Seriously, guys, writing material is not our forte. But hey! You can help us out! If you have a fanfic, please send it to us here, but only after reading our email guidelines. We'll except comedy, drama, anything! Happy reading!

Fanfiction - want a little more Dragonball? Love to read parallel universes or sort sidestores where Toriyama didn't quite leave enough for you? Here's your section! Note: All fanfiction in here was strictly made by the fans, they are not the actual storyline of DB/Z/GT, and are just made for fun! We'd really like submissions for this section!