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Welcome to the Information Section of Southern City. Unfortunately this section doesn't contain extensive information about DBZ, and neither do we ever intend it to. Southern City will always remain a humor and entertainment site. However, we do believe that in order to enjoy it you must understand the basic aspects of the anime. This section is for all you newbies and dubbies who just found DBZ!

The Story of DB/Z/GT-This section briefly talks about the plot of the three series (Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT).

Hey, Gokou! You're making us look bad! WAKE UP! Biographies-This section contains basic outlines of the main characters of all three series.

A Little Japanese- Confused on the pronounciation and exact meaning of all these japanese terms? Read over this section to make your anime research a little easier!

Dragonball Universe-Do you ever wonder why animals walk around and act as humans in Dragonball/Z/GT? Confused about who the "Saiya-jins" are? This section explains the Dragonball universe the way Akira Toriyama created it!