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Moose Tracks

A moose has been sited! Quick! Get your cameras! All right, All right, calm down. I didn't really mean it. So you looked at the cryptic title of this humor section and wandered into it. Good choice! What this section is really about is dropping random words from different quotes in the DBZ series and replacing them with a simple word: Moose.Comments by us are in black.

1. Vegeta: What! Haven't you ever seen a pink moose before! If you like it that much you can have it! My my, Vegeta has a pink moose!

2. Trunks: So, you wanna see my moose, eh? Oh my gosh! Trunks, you shouldn't show people such things!

3. Gohan: Piccolo you big moose!

4. Android 16: I sense moose in that direction. Yippie! Dinner!

5. Vegeta: Wearing moose! How bizarre! You better believe it!

6. Radditz: Goodness! You managed to singe some of my moose hairs! Radditz has moose hairs?!?!

7. Piccolo: I am a moose who was long since forgotten his name. Are you sure your name isn't Bullwinkle?

8. Gohan (in sub): Your moose has a big fat belly!
Gohan (in dub): I said you smell like moose toes! Gohan has smelled moose toes before?!? Gross!

9. Frieza: If you were a dog I'd scratch your belly. If you were a moose I'd give you some milk until you started to purr... Yeah, um... interesting... okay...

10. Krillin: The other guy seems pretty nice, but Vegeta has the personality of a moose. What exactly is Krillin implying?

11. Piccolo: On May 12, three years from now, on an island nine miles southwest of south city, two killer mooses (meeses? meese? moose?:) ) will arrive.

12. Bulma: You guys pack too much stuff! I almost got impailed by someone's moose! You can't go anywhere without a moose!

13. Jeice: We're tired of this you coward! Now make a moose!

14. Goku: Aww man! Now that the battle's over I'm starving! Hey King Kai, do you have any moose?

15. Goku: Don't tell me, your mother is... (Trunks: She's standing over there by that crater.) Goku: Your mother is a moose! Vegeta was in love with a moose? I bet it was pink too! He is indeed a sad strange little man.

16. Mirai Trunks: Those same moves turned Freezer into moose!

17. Kuririn: It seems like Vegeta's got a bad case of moose or something...

18.Mirai Trunks: You know that the moose doesn't make the man.

19.Vegeta:What are you looking at? Mirai Trunks: Oh, it's nothing...it's just that I like your moose. Vegeta: You would! Trunks likes pink mooses too!

20.Mirai Trunks: Could you turn into a Super Moose? Please Gokou? I wanna see you grow antlers!

21. Gokou: Yeah, well, your moose just wasn't in it this time.

22. Mr. Popo: I heard a strange moose coming out of the room.

23. Cell: I can have Vegeta anytime I want. But right now, I want moose.
16-23 sighted by Trevor.

24. Piccolo: Please excuse me if I am wrong but are you the Grand Moose?

25. Kibito: I'll tell you who he is: He is the Supreme Moose.

26. Vegeta: He knows we're moose... Vegeta confesses his big secret...

27. Narrator: Next time on Dragon Ball Moose!

28. Kami: Well I'll be a green, pointy eared moose's uncle! Man, that's one ugly moose!

29. Vegeta: You sure you dont want to rest? 500x gravity is a moose's training level.
24-29 sighted by Autumn

30. Mr. Popo: Oh no! Moose Jr!

31. Recoome: I love to watch moose operas.

32. Vegeta: Sounds like this Buu would've made a good Moose. And Vegeta would know! Our moose expert!
30-32 sighted by Daemon

33. Vegeta: Did you know that every time you open your mouth you prove you're a moose! Ouch! That was an insult to moose!

34. Gokou: I can't help it! I just love to moose! Gokou has some interesting habits... *imagines Gokou running around with antlers making moose calls*

35. Gokou: C'mon, King kai, just one more moose!

36. Krillin: Trying to fight a Super Saiyan is like trying to fight a steam moose with your hands tied! Man, I know what you mean Krillin! [_]!
33-36 sighted by Vegeta4Samus

37. Freiza: Said the moose to the fly. ...?...
sighted by MaxMihoshi

38. Gohan: Maybe I should get punched in the moose more often. I don't even want to know... -_-'

39. Chibi Trunks: I dunno, maybe I'll buy you a better moose cut.
38-39 sighted by Cat Pudding

40. Garlic Jr.: You will be sucked into my moose zone!

41. Piccolo: He moves faster than the speed of moose! And that's pretty dang fast!

42. Vegeta: Now go claim your moose before I change my mind. What's this, Vegeta's giving up his moose? Oh no!
sighted by Slevy2412

43. Vegeta: You are the very last hope for a lost race of brave moose (mooses, meese, what is it?).

44. Chi-Chi: When Gohan was born, Gokou and I decided that he would become a great moose. Not quite the usual occupation parents choose for their kids, is it?

45. Vegita: Trunks, I want you to take good care of your moose. Yet another one that I don't even want to know about... -_-' ;)
43-45 sighted by Austin

46. Gokou: Where there's a moose there's a way.
sighted by JLINK92

47. Vegeta: I am the prince of all moose once again. We know already, Vegeta.
sighted by Psyboy12

48. Gokou: Ally to moose! Nightmare to you. Now we're talkin'! Moose Senshi!

49. Narrator: Oh yeah... Krillin's in the moose! I'm not quite sure what the Narrator is implying by this...

50. Mr. Satan: Thanks kid I'll get you a moose or something.
Gohan: Well that's great...I guess...

51. Dabura: I am Dabura. King of the moose world. Please, tell me that he's not the pink moose Vegeta's crazy about!

52. Kaioshin: I am the supreme moose.

53. Vegeta: Bah!! He was stronger when he was a moose. Never underestimate the power of moose.

54. Gohan: Just focus your moose and bring it out. We all have a little moose inside of us! [_]!

55. Saiyaman: Guardian of the city... I am the one and only.... GREAT MOOSEMAN!
48-55 sighted by Dontio899

56. Gokou: I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living moose that cry out for peace... Gokou is a Moose's Rights Activist
sighted by Leah

57. Unknown: Goodbye, Gokou, 'til the day we meet amoose. What's with the meeting mooses? Is it some kind of code?
57 sighted by THE MOOSE

58. Frieza: Just like mooses...rushing into a flame to DIE! Suicidal mooses? Bring out the BBQ!!

59. Trunks: Grandpa, where is the moose radar!?!?! Still hanking for BBQ moose, eh, Trunks?
58-59 sighted by Austin

60. Vegeta: Damn you and this whole damn moose! What? Vegeta doesn't like BBQ moose?

61. Goku: Call me what you want, but the moose will be the same. It still tastes like chicken!

62. Mirai Gohan: It's ok to feel the moose, harness it, and use it as a tool! But Gohan, the grill's too small for the moose!!

63. Vegeta: You have mocked my saiyan moose for the last time!! Shaddup and pass the salt.

64. Gogeta: I am neither Goku nor Vegeta. I am the moose of your destruction. What's with the violent mooses lately?

65. Vegetto: I'm the strongest moose candy in the world! What?! There MOOSE candy too?!

66. Vegeta: I would rather die then to have to moose with you! Oh come on, Vegeta, it doesn't taste that bad!

67. Cell: I am the perfect fighting moose, I have no equal! *holds up moose steak* Wanna bet?

68. Vegeta: Once again you've taken for granted the powers of a true moose! Uh-huh, yeah. Are you gonna eat that?

69. Andriod 17: This moose storm is the perfect backdrop for your demise. Tut tut, it looks like moose!!

70. Android 17: This thunderstorm is the perfect backdrop for your moose. You sure it doesn't make me look fat?
60-70 sighted by CJ

71. Buu: You turn into a moose! Eek! More mooses!!

72. Spopovich (or whatever his name is): Now we have all of the pure moose we need! Alright! Here's your Kiss the Cook apron...

73. Gohan (as the Great Saiyaman): I am the Great moose! Not as great as the steak! *chomp* Yum!!
72-73 sighted by Austin

74. Vegeta: Sorry, patience has never been our strongest moose. Now Impatience on the other hand... he's one heck of a pilgrim!

75. Vegeta: There's one thing a Saiyan always keeps, HIS MOOSE! Vegeta: responsible moose caretaker.

76. Goten: What's a moose? What are you stupid? It's a bird! DUH!

77. Tenshinhan: I can see their moose, they're okay. Of course! Mooses are vital survival equipment.

78. Goten: Weeee! I'm flying! Goten's a moose! I don't know what's more shocking: Goten talking in 3rd person, or him thinking he's a flying moose.
71-78 sighted by Beth


79. Krillin: Are there any other plans over there? You know, like maybe Cell's?
Trunks: Nah. Just some plan for a gas powered moose. Of Course! How convenient!
sighted by Ikily

80. Nappa: You have a tail! You are a moose!

81. Furiza: Alright big moose, whatever turns you on.

82. Dende: Don't piss off the moose of love!

83. Ginyu: Shall I perform the dance of moose? Oh no! Please spare us!

84. Vejita: What a strange moose you are. Bring it on! Sometimes its best not to ask, especially when it involves Vegeta and his meeses!

85. #16: Now you are like a moose without his sting! Moose/s have sting? Interesting...
80-85 sighted by Crusade666

86. Bulma: I guess I don't know what's in nowadays. I must be getting moose! What are you talking about! Mooses are really hip! Yeah... heh heh...

87. Vegeta: Wait, I do have something to say!
Bulma: (in her incredibly annoying voice) Maybe you're finally going to apoligize to me! If that's it, let's hear it.
Vegeta: Leave moose alone!
86-87 sighted by Harry2Draco

88. Mirai Android 18: Well I found some really cute stuff, and that moose said I have a fabulous figure. I dunno about you, but if a moose said I had a fabulous figure, I think I'd run.

89. Mirai Trunks: First, you stand there and watch while I almost drown, then you offer me a moose? Wow! You should be flattered, Trunks!

90. Vegeta: I'm a warrior, not a variety of moose!

91. Vegeta: I'm a moose, not a variety of flower! Actually, this line's kinky no matter what way you say it! Vegeta, a variety of flower? ^_^'
90-91 sighted by Lady Miko-chan

92. Gokou: Oh yeah. That's right how's Gohan? Are his hidden mooses awake yet?

93. Majin Buu: Buu no scared! Big moose make you big funny.
92-93 sighted by Dontio899

Submit your own moose sightings here! We must catch it! Arialyn is very distressed over the disapearance of her pet moose, Albert.