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DBZ Dictionary

Every week we'll look up some random word in the dictionary. Your job is to define that word relating it to DBZ. It doesn't have to be close to the real definition, but it does need to be semi-believable. At the end of each week we'll post our favorite submissions here and pick a new word. Make your definitions funny! Send your definitions to us HERE (and, as always, title your submission "Dictionary"). Hopefully after awhile we'll come up with our own DBZ Dictionary!


round ('raund)
"the shape of Yajirobe in general"

yurt ('yurt)
"the brandname of Vegeta's underwear"

Word of the Week: wimple ('wim-pull)

Last Week's Word: nerts ('nerts)

1: Nameksei-Jin for Green, a very common phrase among the people

1: the name of the kind of shoes that Piccolo wears 2: little aliens that are related to Piccolo 3: Furiza's nickname for Zarbon

1: cuddly, but unfortunately yummy animals with a high nutrition value. Never seen in Dragonball so far because Son Gokou ate them during his childhood in the woods

1: the actual name for the dots on Kuririn's head

1: Never Eat Radditz's Toes

-Perfect Cell
1: name of the make of Vegeta's favorite brand of pink shirts

-Augie HlO
1: the company that manufactures Vegeta's spandex

-Majin MoxBadger
1: the name for those little majins in Babi-dee's spaceship with Roman numerals on their chest 2: having to to with or pertaining to Kuririn

1: the things Goten and Trunks stole from Vegeta's hairkit

-The Majin Cat
1: the technical name for the happy little woodland creatures Gohan seems to have such an infatuation with 2: the name of Trunks' real father

1: FUNimation's censored word for nuts (It's surprising how close to the actual definition you actually are with that one!) 2: Cell's personal favorite Cell Junior

April 15, 2002: fossick ('fahs-ik)

-Majin MoxBadger
1: The brand of Fureiza's infamous black lipstick 2: The company that manufactured Buu's pants 3: The technical term for piccolo's little turban thingy 4: Kurririn's next catch-phrase ("Hey bro, that was really fossick!") 5: Gokou's favorite dance

1: Gotenks' newest attack where they throw a big nose at the enemy (never worked because somehow it would always end up hitting Krillin...)


1: The state of Muten Roshi and Kuririn after eating Lunch/Launch's fish meal (in Dragon Ball)

-Perfect Cell

1: The stomach condition Satan claimed he had in the Cell games but it was actually the scientific term for constipation (the reason he locked himself in the toilet during the attack of Bojack) 2: Goten's imaginary friend, Fossick the buzzard!


1: Furiza's daughter 2: the opposite to Majin (as in a power up for good guys) 3: A new race, like the Saiya-Jins, only with wolves rather than monkeys, able to transfrom into SFS (Super Fossick-Seijin) up to SFS8, and named after minerals rather than plants/vegetables. For example: Siluva (silver) and Guranitu (granite)

November 27, 2001: younker ('young-ker)


1: Goku's real last name. Radditz was to embarassed to tell him 2: The stage at which a saiyan eats too much (70 tons. For Goku . . . ). The saiyan shrivels up, then becomes a giant balloon thing, and then turns into the saiyan equivelent of yoshi 3: Gotenks's newest attack in which they send the pink panther to attack the enemy (never worked because Vegeta would steal the pink panther)


1: rejected word to appear on Vegita's pink shirt (they chose BADMAN instead)

-Magin MoxBadger

1: Yakon's nickname 2: The technical name of the process Cell goes through to spit out a Cell Jr. 3: The name of Vegita's pink moose


1: The abbreviation of the words young kuririn

-Perfect Cell

1: When Vegeta had a nervous breakdown from his spandex being too tight he ran through the streets dressed as a monkey shouting, Younker! 2: The name for Captain Ginyu's new dance


1: Tien's nickname for Chaotzu when nobody is listening


1: The name of the nose Kryllin lost when he was five

October 15, 2000: kooky ('koo-kee)


1: the name of Coola's daughter

-Mat the one, the only, the genius

1: an overweight saiyan (all of the cool good conditioned fighting guys are vegetables, so the fat one is the food of metabolistically active teenagers) 2: the shape of Puar's face


1: Gokou's first word


1: One day Vegeta saw someone with pink keys and said "Kookys!" (Cool Keys...) 2: Gotenks newest attack where they throw big cookies at the enemy (never worked because Gokou would always eat them)

-Perfect Cell

1: what Kaioshin, the old coot, got on his last report from the pychologist 2: what Bra thought of Vegeta's moustache (GT)


1: description of the owners of this website Tially:Hey! . . . I don't know whether to be insulted or delighted! ^_^

September 15, 2001: hautboy (o-'boy)

-Majin MoxBadger

1: One of Piccolo's long lost brothers (I looked the word up - it's another word for an oboe) 2: The term used for a young saiya-jin (you know...a young kangaroo is a joey...etc.) 3: What Son Gokou says when he sees food (hautboy, oh boy!)


1: videl's "naughty" nickname for gohan

-CJ & Austin

1: Gohan's nickname in highschool (given by girls) 2: the result a saiyan has when he eats too little (farts flames and explodes)

-Perfect Cell

1: A nickname from Vegeta's childhood that you should NEVER remind him of 2: The proper name for Mr Satan's hairstyle 3: The name funimation will change Kid Buu's name to...


1: The word Vegeta mispronouces before he goes to bed at night in his pink pajamas: "Hotboy."

August 30, 2001: afflutter (aw-'flutt-er)

-Perfect Cell

1: the state Goten and Trunks were in when Brolly was chasing them in the 2nd Brolly movie 2. Vegeta's state of mind


1. how Vegita feels when he sees himself in pink 2: how Yajirobe feels when he sees a jelly doughnut


1: a nickname for buku-jitsu. 2: an attack where you fart and stun your opponent (can be fatal when mastered)


1: the name of Vegeta's ego 2: Freiza's real name

August 22, 2001: wop ('wawp)

-Majin MoxBadger

1: one of Gotenks' new attack names 2. the techinal name for Vejita's hairstyle 3. What FUNi changes the attack name Dragon Fist to.

-C.W. Ma

1: the abbreviation of the word wopper meant to describe Vegeta's ego and/or the size of the lies Mr. Satan tells


1. the name of Vegeta's sock puppet 2. the word everybody uses to describe Kuririn's accident with a golf club 3. FUNimation's trademarked word for Piccolo's constant swearing under his breath about Gohan


1. the sound effect Gokou's head makes when he gets hit

August 15, 2001: opisthognathous (awp-es-'thag-neh-thes)


1: the name for Goku's special head problem 2: the name of Kuririns 'special condition' (aka, him having little bugs crawling around on his eyelids instead of pupils)

-Majin MoxBadger

1: the word Son Gokou's been trying to pronounce for the last 40-some years 2: the one word Son Gohan missed in the World-Championships of the Spelling Bee when he was five.


1: A fatal disease that Yamucha contracts forcing him to turn into the feared 'Smacky Bum Poo'! In this stage Yamcha's power level is at the stage of a dead fly and his mental stability is only that of a retarded crack squirrel

- C.W. Ma

1: A mental condition Vegeta suffers from which gives him a nervous breakdown everytime he's gotta babysit!


1: Name of Freeza's manicurist.