Welcome to Southern City!
Yo! Phil's back! And in color! Check it out! Here's Phil2!!


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Amusement Park

Welcome to the Amusement Park of Southern City (the largest section in Southern City). Here you can find our many original and unique sections we created to brighten your day! Please remain seated and keep your hands, arms, and legs in throughout the ride. This area is dangerous if you are pregnant, have back or neck problems, or an acute case of gas! Enjoy!

Character Corners-An interesting look at what may go on in different DBZ characters' heads throughout their day. Here you'll no doubt be amused for many hours. :)

It Could Be Worse-Everyone complains about the interpretation in the dub, even we do. However, it could always be worse (I know, your thinking that's impossible). Just read over some of the alternative terms that could have been used instead and you'll feel much better!

Nekki Chibi Gohan-chan!! A Little American DBZ-A parody to our information section A Little Japanese. Find out what the Z fighters are saying during their battles in the dub!

On the Other Side of the Mirror-Okay, so maybe this sections isn't so original, at least we gave it a neat name! Here you can read about all the things that would never happen in the series, but would happen in our alternative mirror world.

Questions in DBZ-While watching Dragonball Z have you ever come up with really off the wall questions that you couldn't quite come up with a reasonable answer for? Now you can find out all the possible answers to the questions you feel too embarrassed to ask others!

DBZ Experiments-Ever tried to fly or do any of the crazy things our beloved Z-senshi in the show? In this section, we feature instructions on how to fly, fire ki blasts, etc. in step by step order, and personal accounts of people who have attempted these feats!

Moose Tracks-Everyone thinks that the DBZ dub lines are pretty bad, here, we take those lines for you... and add a little bit of a twist (or is it a little bit of moose?) !

Rubber Utensils-This section is dedicated to the forgotten Rubber Spatula, an important character in the plot of Dragonball Z. Pay a visit to this section to give your regards to the Spatula of DBZ!

DBZ Dictionary-It's a little game we invented! Each week we post a random word from the dictionary and you have to define that word relating it to DB/Z/GT. At the end of each week we'll post our favorite definitions (make them funny!) for everyone to see!

*Many of these sections survive on fan submissions to make them greater, don't hold back, send us your ideas and express yourself!*